Camp Lincoln

My class went to Camp Lincoln. It was a cloudy, cold day, but it did get hot later on.One event that we did was the nature trail. At first, we stopped to draw a colorless picture of the leaves and pine needles that we needed for nature tea. After that, we started to walk two or three steps. Then we got some mint leaves and I stuffed them into my pocket. We continued to walk. After a little while, we stopped to look at some logs. The staff said they were cut down because they were full of teeny, rough bugs. Then we started to walk lots and lots of steps. We got far but then we stopped because there was Indian Cucumber. I did not find one, but Miss. A found one for me. It was rough and the taste was tasteless and bitter. Before we started to walk again, we grabbed some pine needles. Next we walked and walked. Then we stopped to draw and write. I drew a lot. Next we stopped to share and drink our nature tea. Then we walked back and drove back to school.